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Catfish contest 2014 hogstalker
28'' catfish 7/5/14 Bear river
24.5'' catfish 7/5/14 Bear river

[#005000]That works. Welcome aboard. Nice start for ya, that 28 almost looks pushing over a bit even. Seen any 30+ers?
28 pnts
24.5 pnts
I caught a 31 in April or May but wasn't in the contest yet. so I know he is still in there. I'm betting a 33or 34 will come out of the B.R. before it's all over.
25.5 Catfish Bear River 7/25/14

Keep stalking them. That's a nice one there.

25.5 pnts
26.5 catfish Bear River 8/2/14

[#005000]Works for me. Another fine fish you've got into.
26.5 pnts
31'' catfish Bear River 8/9/14
I don't know if its my eyes or the camera angle or what but it seems like when I am taking the picture it looks like the tape is perfectly even with the fishes tail or nose and then after I load the pic to the looks like I could have pulled the tape a little further out and got another inch. I measured him several times and what I saw was 31.
Here is another pic of the same fish.

Sheeeoooot! That IS a hog! Looks so pale, but maybe it's just the light, or lack thereof. Well done!

31 pnts

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