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Jig making help?
I just bought these jig bodies off eBay and I have never seen these jigs before. I did find a place that use to sell them but they no longer make them anymore, so I will be attempting to make my own. I am wondering if any of you out there make your own jig bodies and if you could give me some pointers on where to start, how I would keep the shape of the tail the same. My biggest concern is keeping the same wave the tail has. I have youtubed some videos on jig body making but couldn’t find one that shows a jig like this one. Any help would be more then appreciated.


[inline 20140930_063334_zpsdtf0chvg.jpg]
Are you talking about the lead jigs or the plastics? They are pretty different beasts in the doing, not that I've tried either personally. Think we had a creepy crawler bake it kit as a kid. That and shrinky-dinks.

I know TD does a lot of lead, but tends to buy his plastics. There are quite a number of plastic pour-ers on the site. I would expect to get the curve you need a wavy form. Looks like an interesting design. I won't say what it reminds me of...Usually fish are after eggs when chasing spawning groups...
Go to Barlows Tackle. They have the materials that you need to make a mold of the plastic body, plus the materials you need to pour them. Have fun!!!
Thanks, I am talking about the plastic body. It looks like it would work very well or maybe not. I bought 48 of these things in 3 different colors. So I should be fine for a little while. But if they do work very well I would like to make more and possibly sell them.
[font "Times New Roman"]Thank you, I will go check it out right now. I am wondering how I will harden the jig body to keep the shape, so I can make a mold. That is my main concern. I was thinking making a 3d design of the jig but that might cost too much. I know I am over thinking this problem.[/font]
Are you trying to catch fish with those, or impregnate them.
[#0000FF]You have already proven they catch fishermen.

Hate to say it but most lures will catch some fish some of the time. More important than size, shape or color are location and presentation. If you find the fish and serve something at least reasonable in their dining room they will hit it.

Always fun to experiment with something new. I am a living testament to that philosophy. I'm always messin' with the old stuff and tinkerin' with new stuff.

At first glance, I fail to see where those plastics will produce any more seductive action than a good active twister-tail grub...or a paddle-tail swim bait. There are uncountable variations in shapes but if they wiggle good they will get bit.

I suggest you give them a good workout and remain objective in your evaluation before investing more bucks and time into making your own.

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