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How to make a Bear bait box
How to make a Bear bait box
#1. find a wide section of a tree and cut out a section of the trunk, , cut one section off that trunk , roughly 4". this will be the lid , often called the cookie .
#2. using your chain saw cut into the base but not all the way through it . I pre-measured the depth of the cut and used a black marker on the bar to make sure I didn't cut too deep.
#3. I used a pry bar to break out the inside cut cubes, then used the chainsaw to smooth out the inside.
#4. Finished product
#5. fill it with your bait
#6. set the lid on it and then something heavy like a rock or a branch, this will keep the smaller animals out of it .
#7 Success !

If you need more detailed info on setting up a bait site for bears , just ask [Smile]
Interesting, I've seen folks use a 55 gal barrel and put old pastry and freezer burnt meat and fish or trimmings from butchering in them but your idea looks like a good one and more natural for the environment. Have you taken many bears with this method?

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