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2015 cat contest FishSlayerJT
My name isn't green but I sent my payment by paypal a few days ago. I hope these pics are usable. Either way I plan on catching bigger ones and show the north how its done. HA!
22"-19"-23" cat, Utah lake, 4/25
[inline P1040259.JPG]
[inline P1040260.JPG]
[inline P1040261.JPG]

[#008000]I need to check Paypal. These pix are tough, blurry, dark, and you really need to download and print off an OFFICIAL BFT catfish banner. Go to the rules posts, there's one there you can download.
I know it's not easy at night, but extra lighting would really be to your benefit.[/#008000]
I thought measuring trout on the ice was hard. These slimy cats wouldnt stop moving.
Didnt see any rules on C&R repeat catches, is there a rule against that? Im not sure but i think i caught the 22" cat 3 times. Can i go to a pond with a 30" cat and catch it 3 times on 3 different days and have it count? not that i want to do that, just feel like any released fish will be caught again eventually.
let just say they are unofficial entries. Im ok with that... non stop rain made it very hard to take pics, good thing my camera is waterproof.. Just wanted to show im in the game. I have a BFT flag i could use but forgot it. Didnt think they would count anyway just wanted to get out fishing.
Fish-- Those are some nice cats... I think?? Sure know what you mean about how hard it is to get those frisky buggers to hold still for a proper photo. I have been letting them flop out a bit and get pooped enough to hold still. Seems like they are hardy enough to still take off when chucked back in the water.

You'll ketch bigger ones so no big deal if those are rejected.

This should be a good week comin' up. Good luck.

The best is yet to come.

Um, do I really have to make a rule about that?
I would hope it goes with common sense or courtesy that you have to catch different fish to enter them.

IF you happened to catch the same cat on a different day, that would be allowed, but I'll play hard-ass, and say if you enter the same cat twice from one day, I'll disqualify both, and maybe even your whole entry in the contest.
I'd put that up there with catching a fish on a worm, sticking a fly in it's mouth for the picture, and entering it in the fly-fishing contest.

Hell, I thought I had more than enough rules already.
Would you think that should be allowed? I mean, why even bother taking the hook out, just pitch it back in, and reel up again.

I have allowed BFT stickers on bumper boards, with a username and date added. You can do that too. But really - GO to the rules post, download the banner and print it. Here, I'll make it painfully simple for ya. Attached. BUT - would still suggest you go back and read the rules. I count on honesty among contestants.

Maybe I'll change the rules so you can only enter one fish per day, just to avoid the temptation.
[quote CoyoteSpinner]

Maybe I'll change the rules so you can only enter one fish per day, just to avoid the temptation.[/quote]

Here that would not be very nice.[mad] One fish per day would make it difficult I would think.[bobwink]
i think you took what i was trying to say the wrong way. I guess it was just a dumb question. Thats NOT the type of person i am, and i follow the rules as best as i can. I dont count catching the same fish as a catch anywhere or any kind of fish. I dont fish for cat fish often and noticed that if i released a fish that it would hop right back on. I also noticed that previous people entered the same size fish 3 times and thought maybe it was the same fish. Do what you want with the rules. I DONT cheat. Did you notice how i put a 19" fish up when i said i thought i caught the 22" 3 times? If i ever caught 2 large fish, the same size, i would try to prove it by markings or not even bother to enter it.

Edited by TyeDyeTwins....

PM sent
That must have been one hungry cat. It probably didn't put up much of a fight the 3rd time you caught it. I could be wrong though that 21" cutthroat up at the Berry puts up a good fight even after I catch him 20 or more times on the same day.

I agree with Coyote on this one you can't report the same fish on the same day. However if you catch the same cat on different days then you should let your conscience be your guide. WWJD. He hung out with fisherman he would know.
He's just explaining some of the rules don't take it as a hassle we all had our incorrect entries that we learned from and tried to do it better in the future... If you can't print the paper use a BFT sticker on a bump board or just in the photo with your BFT name on it and the current year 2015 and a measurement scale... This is to make it so we don't use fish from previous years contest... I agree it's hard to do everything and get a good photo, I know I lose half an inch on most fish because I can't hold them straight while I get far enough away to take the picture... So have a little patience and roll with the flow, it's worth it, it's a fun contest and the rules help keep things fair... Not like it's really that big of deal if you win or lose mostly just a for fun contest... so don't stress... Later J
Fish-- Ya know, I've wondered at times if I caught the same fish twice. I caught two 24 inch cats within 50 yds of each other the other day and they were identical -- same color, size, everything. I would think though that if a fish got stung with a hook he probably wouldn't bite again within a few minutes? Maybe... I guess it's possible. The two cats I caught are probably two of several hundred that exact same size in a big lake like UL.

Anyhow, you're cool. Nobody cheats in something as fun as this cat contest.

Keep after 'em

Well, I didn't mean to jump your fish-bones. I count on the contestants being honest, and the contest being for fun more than prizes. I hate to downgrade, or deny an entry, but above all else - my goal is to be fair and consistent.

The only true way I could "guard" against claiming the same fish twice is the 1-fish/day rule. Or say you have to clip a fin or something if you're going to release one. Many cats look very similar. With creative angles you could make one cat appear to be three different sizes, easy.
I could change to a format where you can ONLY post your best once, and done. But I like to encourage the season long competition that comes from multiple entries allowed. Though might have to make a "one-inch" rule, at least for Skunked! Or maybe a slot limit, like if it ain't over 27", it has to bump a full inch.

I don't want to make MORE and MORE rules! But I'll do whatever is needed to keep it fair, keep folks honest. What I ask is that entrants be honest, and be reasonable about what they enter.

I'd also ask, if you have 5Mb pics, don't post them inline. Make a small copy for the inline share, then go ahead and attach the higher res picture, I'm happy to be able to zoom to my hearts content, but a thread of loads of inline 5mb picks get Saloooooow to load. Have mercy. (I DID put something about that in the rules/entry post).

So - no hard feelings I hope. Fish on, catch a big one, even if it is for "that" team, but make a good honest readible post with a decent banner.
If you want some stickers PM me. But those work best if you're using a bumper board. Check out Jeff's posts.
i guess sometimes i read things in a different context then was intended. My response was meant to be more funny and sarcastic and not any sort of attack or challenge. I understand what you are trying to say now. I will keep it honest and follow the rules, that i need to read over again. To be completely honest i just found out i wasnt suppose to use the bait (crappie scraps) i was using and would even call myself out and take my entries off no matter what size it was. I honestly did not know you couldnt use crappie or the parts of most game fish. but you can use their eggs.. Im in it for the challenge, the fun of honest competition, and i enjoy a little smack talk. I cant promise, but ill try not to ask anymore dumb questions, or over analyze the simple rules.. Didnt know my pics were loading slow. It shows up on my screen as a little pic that you can click on to make bigger. For some reason i thought that was easier. still kinda new at all this, ill figure it out.. Im glad i put up some test entries before put up some real game changers. [laugh]
Slayer, I am on UL a lot at the Lindon harber if you like I have an extra logo. You could have it I printed a few then lamenated the one I use. You would just have to cross out my user name it would be easy to do. Just send me a pm and we could touch base. As for the pictures I am still taking bad ones. You might try practicing on a few fish just to see what the look like even if you don't post them. I really understand about being new to this.
There is only 2 good times to go fishing 1-when it's raining. 2- when it's not.
thanks stickleback. Ill let you know when i head back out. I usually go to the library to print stuff off. either way we could meet up some time and slay the cats.. never tried taking night pics, or in the rain. i guess they were technically my test pics, didnt really plan on posting them but did anyway. now i think i know what i need to do. Right as you touch the button the fish flips.. i was at the timp marina? pleasant grove blvd i think.

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