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2015 Catfish Challenge C-ROCKIES
Took the family to Yuba to relax and fish I caught this one with an minnow.
Hopefully can get out more.
Nice catch. Couple problems, as pointed out your ruler is a little lacking for a true southern cat (as BLK would claim it!) Also the ruler needs to be underneath, ideally on level ground, not draped across the top of the fish. (it's in the rules).

So you didn't state your claim as for length. I could play "extrapolate" games, but I think I'll just go with 28" for now. But - good solid first entry. You know where they are, go find some more!
28 pnts
Nice cat but I think you need a new tape measure.
Looks like another 30 inch Southern cat to me... and from Yuba?? Hmmm... might be an un-tapped cat hole down there.

Nice cat. Keep 'em coming.

Tapes already been rep[aced
Yuba is a bit farther from your house than your utah lake stomping grounds but with your mad skills it might be worth the trip.

here is a photo of another cat it was pretty big but did not enter it[laugh]
Hey perfect size[Tongue]. I have only caught pike out of Yuba, but hey I think it might be time for another trip. It is approx 2 hours depending upon the marina I launch out of.

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