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Owyhee River
The fishing wasn't as good as I had hoped for. One thing is for sure, the flies I tie look like the real thing. My flies kept the Fly Catcher birds along the river really busy around mid-day. They thought they were really and were constantly swooping down trying to catch them. Too bad the browns didn't think the same. All in all it was a great day. Any time you can share the river with a beaver swimming almost up to you, having mink running along the banks, deer wading the river with you, chukars calling from the hills and then catching a few fish, it is a good day.
Nice, I love catching browns, they fight like bass.
Nice fish! I love the O. Please do not take this the wrong way and forgive me in advance if I offend anyone but unless you are harvesting the fish?.......please consider keeping them in the water and avoiding laying them on the ground or taking them out of the water for pro-longed periods of time.

The water temp in the O right now is very warm and it is going to be a long hot summer with low flows. I saw lots of dead fish last year in July due to the stress caused by fishing pressure and the warm weather. I didnt fish it in August.

I know these fish are tough, and can survive anything and GB's dont mind warm water, etc, etc...I know all this. Just trying to protect the resource.

Again, if you are harvesting....different story!

Nice! Those Browns are awesome down there.. Last time I went, I couldn't get a fish tell almost dark when the caddis came off. I also still have regular monofilament leader and tippet and I was told flourocarbon tippets are a must for their invisibility because the browns are so wise. I am going to update my leaders for sure next time I pay them a visit..

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