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Fished Blackfoot Reservoir on Saturday and had a decent day. Put six on the ice and broke two off. Missed a few. Landed a personal best rainbow that wrapped up three of my other rigs. Being alone, it was a challenge to get to the other rods and cut the line and still keep the fish on. Epic battle.

While packing it in, just as I reached for the next-to-last rod, the tip bent to the water and a 24" cutthroat kept me busy for a while. Nice way to cap off the day.

I talked to a couple of guys that had landed one all day, broke a couple off, and lost a rig down the ice hole.

PM for details.
Sounds like you had a good day! Is it really tough getting around on the lake right now? I am just wondering what that snow did to the roads up that way.

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