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Power is back on .....oh boy
Power is restored .
Now the decision has to be made , hot shower or keep my new found B.O. superpowers ?
Picture this , shopping after the electricity has been restored ...a crowded isle way and yours truly poised in a commanding self righteous fashion , garbed in my officially sanctioned Marvel Comics Superhero costume , B.O. Man .
" Back, back I say , away from my deal " (as I dramatically flip my purple satin cape over my shoulder and raise my arm in a chicken wing fashion thus exposing the funkulating fumealater aimed in their direction) , "Test my resolve and you will be vanquished unmercifully " .
The crowd parts in reverence and awe as I stride towards my treasured 50% off item , the only one of it's kind left in the clearance isle.
Suddenly and without warning a eerie shadow emerges from the sideline of spectators , I recognize the crimson colored aluminum walker wedged in her wrinkled claws , it's my arch enemy , Grey Granny Fatbottom .
She has a cold as ice stern look on her face , her ruffled mustache twitches and a single crumb from a long departed TWinkie falls from it , rolls down her lapel and strikes the linoleum floor .
"Bring it on " she mutters in defiance as she reaches into her clip-on tote mounted to her walker and produces a feminine hygiene spray container.
The crowd gasps , some even tinkle in their pants slightly as they realize a battle of epic proportions is about to ensue .
O.K. , maybe I'll just take a shower and avoid all this drama , them old lady's can be tough to deal with It's not like you can win at anything once they get their temper going full granny . LOL !

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