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Guinness World Record- Most fish In 24 Hours

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It was during a late-summer-sweltering-stretch of 2010 when Frabill’s Marketing Director donned his Marathon Man superhero costume and aimed to own some ink, even legend. He would attempt to do so my catching – and immediately releasing – the most fish ever in a 24 hour stint. Kolo had set the mark before, but it wasn’t officially recognized by Guinness World Records.

Last summer was different. He, Frabill, and the sponsoring corps from “Fishing for Life” jumped through technical hoop after technical hoop to see that the attempt was documented to a tee, following Guinness World Records stringent official guidelines. They assembled the mandated number of observers, fish counters, video verification and on and on. Only thing left was, well…Kolo to come through with the fish. And he did in spectacular fashion, hooking 2,143 fish from the docks of Maynard’s Restaurant on Minnesota’s Lake Minnetonka.

The bulk of the booty was made up of sunfish and crappies, but the occasional rogue largemouth bass and northern pike also added to the tally. Sometimes, a curious muskie would approach, too, scattering Kolo’s fish until the coast was clear.

Rumor has it that he’ll be back at it again this summer, trying to best the mark and raise more funds and awareness for Fishing for Life. Because Kolo knows no matter how handsome the record looks in his trophy case, it’s really about getting kids hooked on fishing.

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