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New 12 lb. Tippet Blacjk Drum Record

Black Drum, Saltwater Fish Species, Saltwater Fishing

Fly fishing the South Bay in Texas USA on March 14, Bud Rowland of McAllen Texas tempted a black drum (Pogonias cromis) and fought him for 18 minutes. Rowland was using 6 kg (12 lb) tippet for the drum when landed weighed 26.99 kg (59 lb 8 oz). The current men’s IGFA tippet record for the species is 57 lb 8 oz (26.08 kg) recorded from Virginia’s Chesapeake Bay in 1995.

men’s IGFA tippet record

IGFA maintains world records for both freshwater and saltwater game fishes in line class, tippet class and all-tackle categories.
In order to qualify for a record, a catch must be a minimum of 1 pound (.453 kg) in weight, and must exceed the existing record by the required amount or meet the minimum weight requirements, if any, for vacant

No applications will be accepted for fish caught in hatchery waters or sanctuaries. The catch must not be at variance with any laws or regulations governing the species or the waters in which it was caught.
When an additional species of game fish is made eligible for IGFA world records, the effective date will be announced. Fish caught on or after the effective date will be eligible for records. Announcement of an additional species in the World Record Game Fishes book or in other
IGFA publications will be considered proper notification in lieu of any other notice.

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