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Straight Line 371 Bro Series Ice Combo

Ice Fishing

Big breakthroughs in fishing these days are as rare as a bona fide 3-pound crappie. In many ways, flippin’ for bass—a tactic first exposed when Dee Thomas won the 1975 B.A.S.S. Arkansas Invitational on Bull Shoals Lake—mirrors straight-lining—a progressive ice fishing presentation developed by Frabill and its pioneering frontman, Brian “Bro” Brosdahl.

Each year since the inception of the two parallel fishing patterns, anglers have flocked to the awesome gear made to match. Among throngs of new outfits designed to fit Bro’s hottest tactic, Frabill’s new Straight Line 371 Bro Series Combos stand-alone—featuring truly refined graphite rods and the smoothest, most functional Straight Line reels ever engineered.

“It’s like holding the future in my hands,” Brosdahl declared recently while standing on this season’s virgin ice. “The 371 is so advanced, so fishable, so ahead of its time . . . “

Among a deep spec list of critical features, Bro stresses a significant point. “The Straight Line 371 is the fastest multiplier-style ice reel on the market. It’s 3.7:1 gear ratio retrieves nearly two feet of line with every revolution of its oversized handle. Previously, anglers thought of straight-lining as a shallow water technique only. Not anymore.”

Expanding on the tactic’s original advantages—to purge line twist and efficiently comb shallow water—the new 371 reel now adds a seamless free-spool function. Dropping a tiny jig into 5, 15 or 30 feet of the water’s as painless as tapping a button, watching the morsel descend on your depth finder. The functional, futuristic reel is also imbued with a silky smooth drag. An audible bait clicker even aids deadsticking presentations. Frabill has also added a second, interchangeable reel stem—one for anglers who prefer to palm the reel, and another longneck version for gripping with thick gloves and mittens.

Loaded with fine mono, fluoro or braid, the 371 reel feeds line to rod tip in a continuous free-flowing ribbon. Affixed to this freeze-proof ice tool is one of six various Bro Series Ice Rods, each custom-built to Brosdahl’s strict stipulations. Two of Bro’s application-specific ‘faves—a 24-inch Panfish Jig rod and a 36-inch Finesse Walleye model—each sport a “Quick Tip,” Frabill’s patented uber-sensitive integrated strike indicator system.

Although Brosdahl helped inspire the tricked-out combos, he’s quick to give credit where its due: “Behind the scenes, Frabill engineers Ryan Kleckner and Tim Makos do masterful work. They’re passionate fishermen, too, so they truly understand all the intricacies involved in bridging the gap between angler and engineering.”

Flippin’ jigs for big bass or straight-lining spoons, tungsten or livebait on ice—elite tactics warrant elite tackle. Good thing Frabill’s got your back.

• 6860 – 24” Ultra-Light/Panfish Jigging
• 6861 – 24” Quick-Tip/Panfish Applications
• 6863 – 30” Light/Finesse Walleyes-Larger Panfish
• 6862 – 30” Quick-Tip/Panfish Applications
• 6865 – 36” Light/Finesse Walleyes-Larger Panfish
• 6864 – 36” Quick-Tip/Panfish Applications
MSRP $89.99

• Spool guarded to allow palm grip
• Lightweight composite construction for strength and durability
• Composite construction won’t feel cold in frigid temperatures
• 3.7:1 reel ratio with super smooth drag & instant anti-reverse
• 22” Line retrieval per revolution
• Large and balanced spool to maximize retrieval rate
• Line feeds straight off spool, eliminating line coiling and spinning of tackle
• 5 plus 1 ball-bearing reel with Ultra-Fine free spooling
• Audible / silent bait alarm switch
• Long stem positions reel away from rod
• Accommodates heavy gloves
• Short stem for those who prefer the compact size to palm the reel
• Ambidextrous over-sized reel handle for ultimate control
• Frabill’s exclusive Sub-Zero® lube ensures smooth operation in the coldest temperatures
• Free spool to easily drop smallest jigs

• Technique specific actions to match your fishing style and targeted species
• Line flows effortlessly through durable aluminum oxide guides
• Aluminum Reel Seat to securely fasten the reel to the rod
• Materials used in each blank are chosen to match the technique, action, and species

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