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fishing flaming gorge - lenmason - 03-09-2017

Hello ! I am new at this so please forgive if I screw it up. I live in New Mexico, and my wife and I, and another couple have rented a house boat. with a tow along fishing boat, to fish Flaming Gorge in May. We will pick up boat at Lucerne Marina, and need to fish in that part of the lake. I need any help you can give me as to: types of fish, tackle, bait (art. or live) ,areas, depth, etc. We are mostly spinning tackle users, and have ultra light, to light salt water. Trophy fish are wonderful , but they would not be our main goal. Thank you very much. lenmason

Re: [lenmason] fishing flaming gorge - hookngrinin - 03-10-2017

PM sent.

Re: [lenmason] fishing flaming gorge - wiperhunter2 - 03-16-2017

Welcome to the site Len, please consider posting this on the Utah board as well:
There are a lot more active members on that board that can help you answer your questions. Many of the Utah board members fish the Gorge on a regular bases.

Re: [lenmason] fishing flaming gorge - one8sevenn - 03-17-2017

In may, I've done really well on rainbows with wooly buggers on a fly rod. Worms can also produce some rainbows. I've also caught a few pups jigging. If the small mouth are too be hard too, however I normally let them do their thing.

A word of caution, a lot of the unpaved roads will be washed out and I suspect some of the cliffs will get pretty eroded because of all of the snow melt. A good rain storm could erode it more. Be careful around them