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Little Dell
Ran up for a quick trip to Little Dell and there were plenty of fish rising but all they would do is come up and look at my flies but not strike. Didn't stay long enough to find the pattern they wanted as someone was already at my favorite spot.
I did notice a family as I was walking out that were using power bait. I mentioned to them that they might want to change what they were using since bait was not allowed and I didn't want him to get in trouble with kids present. I don't know if they changed what they were using or not. I think they need to put up more signs since I saw several places along the bank where power bait had been used by others. I drove up the canyon a bit to do some hiking and next to where I parked there was a guy with two dog kennels in the back of his truck that were open. I think he was out looking for grouse. The thing is that there are signs all over showing that dogs aren't allowed in the watershed. Why won't people pay attention ?
Too bad the catching was so slow there. It might not hurt to call up the DWR hot line and report people are using power bait there, maybe suggest what you said about putting up more signs, they likely don't get up there often from the sounds of it.
Let me make sure that power baiter was not my wife for ya turn her in. She seems to have a bottle of that stinky cheese in every coat pocket.

Just kidding, her pockets are more likely filled with dynamite
Remember: keep the lid on the worms, share your jerky, and stop by to say hi to Cookie and the Cowboy-Pirate crew

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