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  Pretty good day at Lincoln Beach 5-21-20
Posted by: catchinon - 6 hours ago - Forum: Utah Fishing General - Replies (3)

On Thursday morning I went to LB. The water temperature started at 58° and rose to 62° by the time I left around 3:30. I was concerned that the little storm the night before might have put the cats off their feed. Not so. I caught 19 (number 97 for the year) and the 19th one was the biggest fish I ever caught.

I had brought five different kinds of bait and they liked them all. They included white bass, two variations of strawberry chicken, shrimp, and pork. I used my usual Santee rig and FLAIT. Later in the day I gave the FLAIT away to a big cat that didn't want to come to the boat. Dang! Well, now was my chance to try one of TDs big fligs in fire tiger pattern. It worked great, and as I said, it caught on every kind of bait I had. Around 3:00 I had a big piece of my special strawberry chicken variant on the flig when a heavy fish hit. As I got it up near the boat I couldn't get it to come up. Every time I tried to hoist it it took off, taking drag. Finally I got it up enough that I could see how big it was. I had gotten a fish earlier this year that I was sure was a 30"er that turned out to only be 29 and 7/8. I thought this one might actually make it to the magical 30" mark but I didn't want to say it for fear I would be wrong. He got around to the stern corner and I couldn't get him to come to the side of the boat so I could net him. I had to reach as far as I could to get him in the net and then I almost lost the whole shebang. Once I got him in the net I had to lever it over the side. He was definitely the heaviest fish I ever caught. When I got him on the tape he stretched to the 30.5" mark. Well, that goal was met. I put it in the live well and fished a little longer but I just had to get back to the dock and see if I could get a good picture of it. When I docked I asked another fisherman there if he had a scale; he did and let me borrow it. The fish was over 12 pounds. About that time a DWR boat came to the dock. The three-person crew had been out netting june suckers. I showed them the big cat and one of the guys offered to take a trophy shot for me. (Thanks, Shawn). That put a crown on one of the best days I ever had fishing, if not the very best.

[Image: TP6A4188.jpg]

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  Fishing with kids
Posted by: Baetisbmj - 6 hours ago - Forum: Utah Fishing General - No Replies

I have two four year old grandkids I want to take fishing. They love to cast and reel, cast and reel, so I was thinking I need to take them somewhere I can put on a small lure and let them fling away. I've never really fished for white bass, but for those in the know, would that be a good species to target and if so, what lures would they take? And I'm obviously not looking for someone's honey hole, if there is such a thing with white bass, but where would be a good general area to try? Or would there be a better place to take kids who love to cast, with no patience to sit and wait. Mantua? TIA.

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  Utah Lake May Newsletter
Posted by: TubeDude - Yesterday, 10:50 PM - Forum: Utah Fishing General - No Replies


Lots of great info in this issue...including links to some videos and podcasts.  Also stuff on the Windy app and the status and future projections for algae blooms.

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  Cutler Fish Die Off?
Posted by: SkunkedAgain - Yesterday, 02:59 AM - Forum: Utah Fishing General - Replies (1)

So I ran up to IF for the in-laws to decorate some graves today. As I drove by the clay slough this morning there were maybe a dozen dead fish floating belly up right there by the road and again tonight on the way home there was a fair bunch of dead ones floating. Has anyone heard what is going on?  I sure hope whatever it is it doesn’t spread into the rest of Cutler. Later Jeff

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  Willard Bay
Posted by: impactfisherman - Yesterday, 02:57 AM - Forum: Utah Fishing General - Replies (4)

I’ve got a couple Willard Bay questions, I’ve read a couple times on here that people are using downriggers to drag worm harnesses and finding a excess for both Walleye and Wiper. I’m just wondering how much line your letting out behind the downrigger and what speeds to try? thanks in advance

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  Memorial Day
Posted by: Tin-Can - 05-24-2020, 09:27 PM - Forum: Utah Fishing General - Replies (7)

Greatest respect to all those that have given ALL in defense of this nation. 

[Image: 97633594-1189293588129416-9062611097432883200-o.jpg]

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  10’ standup pontoon
Posted by: castnshoot - 05-24-2020, 05:35 PM - Forum: For Sale In Utah - No Replies

[Image: F338-CEC7-C18-A-48-FD-9-F36-619-E3-AF0-D2-AA.jpg] [Image: 95-B0-E45-F-DFBE-461-A-BEFA-A5-D5-FEE6288-B.jpg] [Image: CF5-BDA9-A-BFD4-49-B3-A478-C7-C8-F6573-DF7.jpg] [Image: 47-F5-F595-4-A1-C-48-B3-A6-A3-79485-FE15171.jpg] [Image: 2-AB6885-C-8-A5-C-4-BD6-89-B7-3-D5-ED03-E4982.jpg] [Image: ACCC0012-3809-4-B20-A824-B07618714424.jpg] [Image: 97181-B77-39-D5-4-BB1-8-CEC-E2002173-B787.jpg]

10’ stand or set Fishcat pontoon boat. Trolling motor, fish finder, pump, transport wheel, oars,canvas saddle bags, rod holder, anchor, fins, fly line basket, good condition.

Sets right on a lake full of big Trout, Bass, and Wipers. Welcome to try it out.

Southern Utah $800 661-331-9822

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  White bass at UL 5/23/20
Posted by: MWScott72 - 05-24-2020, 02:27 PM - Forum: Utah Fishing General - Replies (2)

Didn't want to stick around the house all day yesterday, so made a trip with my son to UL for whities.  Started fishing about 2:30 at the State Park.  While the fish were apparently there days before, it looked like the storm the night before turned them off.  Dozens of people fishing but no one catching.  After 1.5 hours of this, we picked up and headed to the Lehi pumphouse.  While not fast and furious, we landed a dozen or so in a couple hours. Just enough to keep my son interested.  Best combo seemed to be a white 1/8 oz jig head with red_black eye and a chartreuse 2" single curly tail grub.

A question for the masses - are white bass sensitive to water temps once the spawn begins?  Better to fish early or wait till later once the water warms?  Indon't think it really matters too much, but wouldn't mind hearing other's thoughts.

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  Preston Area Reservoirs?
Posted by: duksnfish - 05-24-2020, 12:37 PM - Forum: Idaho Fishing General - Replies (2)

Yesterday, maybe it was Friday's Post Register it had an article on local places to fish for the opener.  It listed Lamont down by Preston. It didnt talk about open to boats but since it is controlled by Consolidated Canals if I remember correctly, does anyone know if they have opened all of the reservoirs around Preston yet or any one know or have an idea on when they maybe opening.  Generally they have always opened at or near Memorial Day, but, with the COVID-19, I hadnt heard anything on an opening date. Last year I fished down there for a weekend about the middle of June and man the bite was on for slabs and gills.  So I'm gettng itchy fingers to head back down there and give it another try. 

Hope folks are staying dry this weekend with the snow, yuck.  Be safe and let's hear some great fishing success stories.

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  I'm back … but with a lot of changes …
Posted by: Old_Coot - 05-24-2020, 02:22 AM - Forum: Utah Fishing General - Replies (10)

Yup, I just couldn't stay away from BFT Utah.  My first attempts to get logged into the new format failed (had me named as someone else).  But today I was able to successfully get in. I recently (6 months ago) moved to the Pacific Northwest (PNW). I now live just 5 miles from the Canadian border and 10 miles from the Pacific Ocean.  I moved up here to be closer to my daughter and her family who live just over the border in British Columbia Canada.  Been kind of a bummer that I moved up here to be with them and the border has been closed for a couple months now due to COVID-19.

Another big change; last week I sold my boat to a fellow from Millville (in the picture).  Not only did I sell my boat but I also sold all of my tackle and rods for Bear Lake, Pineview, Willard, and most of my Strawberry stuff.  Sold it to him all in one big package. 

[Image: New-Owner-Lyle.jpg]

I did keep my favorite Strawberry jigging rods, some mack jigging rods, a couple of Bear Lake whitefish rods and a chubbing rod.  Filled an entire utility trailer and part of my truck to take it all back to Utah as part of the boat and tackle package.

So if you see my old Gregor boat out on Bear Lake, motor over and tell the owner "Hi" for me will ya?

Once the airlines open back up and are reasonably safe from the pandemic, I plan to make many trips back to Utah to fish with my dear fishing buddies.  And if you think you might have space in YOUR boat, I'd love to join you sometime.

--- Coot ---

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