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  DC crappie 8/10
Posted by: Natertater - Less than 1 minute ago - Forum: Utah Fishing General - No Replies

I hit deer Creek yesterday morning. As usual, I was at the gate early and had to wait for the darn thing to open. I was in search of some more walleye because the trip before produced some. I searched for those sneaky creatures from 6 to about 9 with no luck. Not even a bite. I decided to head to the north side and throw for some little small mouths to get rid of the skunkyness. Needless to say, I was into bass right away and caught a fair share. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw my first crappie on the line when I was expecting bass. I caught about a dozen of the crappie and kept 3 for my dinner. They were all nice size beautiful fish. This was my first time catching these and it was fun. I was casting toward shore with a shad colored swim bait and bouncing the bottom back toward the boat. I tried multiple baits and this was the best. You can guarantee I'll try to find them again. 
[Image: IMG-20200810-135848.jpg]

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  Speedometer not working
Posted by: Bduck - 8 hours ago - Forum: Boats & Motors - No Replies

Over a year ago my speedometer on my boat dash quit working. It wasn't a big deal since GPS speed is monitored & more accurate. At first when it quit I found crud plugging the pitot opening but after clearing that it made no difference. So I further let it go not to bother with it until yesterday. I went to the top of the motor where pitot tubing channels in and found it had pulled out real easy. Now I had to remove lower gearcase assy and spacer above that. I found where the tubing broke in to about an inch from pitot itself. Inspection of tubing revealed cracking of the full length of it being routed in channel of motor so I decided to replace a 12' section of the tubing that routed back thru transom and splice into remainder 15' to dash. As I finished this job up I next removed the shroud
between gearcase/spacer & upper motor and found lower engine exhaust housing covered in black soot. This soot has been seeping to outside of painted shroud that covers exhaust housing. I always had to wipe down shroud from a lite film of soot in a couple of places. Today is cleaning exhaust housing and inside shroud.

[Image: Petot-tubing-Copy.jpg] [Image: Petot.jpg] [Image: Sooty.jpg]

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  South East ID. Reservoirs with Kokanee
Posted by: duksnfish - 9 hours ago - Forum: Idaho Fishing General - Replies (1)

So after reading the newest reports over folks catching "Reds" at Ririe and a little talk about catching a few Kokees at Palisades, I decided to look into how many other Southeast Idaho reservoirs had Kokanee in them. So far I have seen Montpelier Reservoir, of course Ririe, Palisades, Island Park, Devils Creek, and new plants this year in Blackfoot reservoir.  I saw that in 2017 Kokanee were planted in Bannock Reservoir.  Where the crap is Bannock reservoir and has anyone ever fished it? Just under 1,000 were planted in it in 2017 so I guess for it's 6 acres in size, it must be an important place (Lat 42.92 Long-112.43). Am I missing any other Southeast Idaho reservoirs that have Kokanee in them and how has anyone done in them. 

It sounds like F&G is trying to spread the joy out to more and more locations besides many of our good ole standbys. It will be interesting to see how many of us have fished these places and success and accessibility.

Glad fishing has picked up on Ririe this year/fall and hope it continues into next year and hope that some of the other reservoirs will pick a bit in their Kokanee production.

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  Not Skunked at Strawberry..8-10
Posted by: Jmorfish - Today, 05:24 AM - Forum: Utah Fishing General - Replies (2)

Buddy and I were tempted to just pull in to Jordanelle this morning, instead of Strawberry, as the Berry has been pretty slow for me these past few weeks....but we resisted, and pulled into the marina 0600, lines in water 0630....very lite boat traffic at that time, and only lite activity thruought the lake today....no wind, 'til we left at 1130, then pretty stiff....We fished mostly South and East today, just wanting to try something different....I did get something different...my first hit, off typical kokanee set, a 12" chub...that was a surprise, not a good one....he got bonked and then fed to the birds..(sorry, I know some of you would have kept it for bait)...finally we each got a small koke past Haws Pt., then the normal 10 to 18" cutts off and on....Nothing past Rainbow Pt....finally I got a better hit and tug, pulling in my first decent koke in 3 weeks, and then doing the back and forth troll a couple more times in the area, got an even nicer 18"er...all at that grey/pink stage, but still nice fish....no more kokes, but a couple more cutts trolling back to the marina to end the morning... the larger kokes hit at 44', and smaller ones about 33/35....That foot long chub bothered me, but worse than that was catching another one just like it a couple hours after that first one....In 6 years trolling here, this -- these, were the first chubs I've caught..Are they getting bad again? Otherwise, we had a pretty okay morning...Guluk...

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  Fillet stations
Posted by: packfish - Today, 02:48 AM - Forum: Utah Fishing General - Replies (5)

I read quite a few posts over the year about fillet stations being clogged. What do you attribute that to ? I used to think what a bunch of slobs. But I have recently seen 2 separate  people at Hyrum who didn't know there was an on and off button underneath the table for the grinder. They assumed you just tossed the fish in and ran the sprayer. I showed them the button and I showed them the emergency switch on the other side.  They had no idea they were there. Not that it takes a rocket scientist to figure one out but I think a sign with instructions would take away some of the incidents. There will always  be those that don't care but maybe there isn't as many as I have thought.

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  Rockport Report
Posted by: Cowboypirate - Today, 02:30 AM - Forum: Utah Fishing General - Replies (2)

I had a very short window this morning to sneak out before contractors showed up at the house. Opted for a quick run to Rockport

Hit the East side off the trail pullout at daylight. Fished for a half hour. Some very nice perch about 30ft out off a rock finger. They were slaming a small perch flig tipped with a meal worm. I shorten the trip by snagging all my small yellow fligs in 15 minutes - hard to get them safely through that rock rubble. They wanted that flig. I tried a couple other baits and they thumbed their noses at my other offerings. 

These were not my hand made fligs or Pat's, guaranteed fish catching fligs, but a few commercial ones I had in my fanny pack. Gona take the good stuff on the next run.

Gona go back as they were very nice sized, but i will arm myself with more yellow perchy looking fligs and run a  drop sinker so i only lose the lead ( at least most of the time)

No video. Got a few clips but not enough to edit into somthing - yet

[Image: 20200810-064102-0.jpg]

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  Red for kokanee
Posted by: Trident 13 - Today, 01:58 AM - Forum: Idaho Fishing General - No Replies

On Obifishkenobi’s Ririe thread MMDon mentioned using red as a color for fishing deep for kokes. I thought the concept intriguing and decided to give it a try. The Logan Sportsman’s is looking barren in the tackle department so I tied up some red hootchies using a red paddle tail bug about an inch and a half long.
Trolled it behind a watermelon dodger and limited out in no time. All kokes caught on red were males, don’t know if they were more aggressive toward the red color or not. 
Thanks MMDon, red works!

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  Echo 8-10-20
Posted by: wiperhunter2 - Today, 01:42 AM - Forum: Utah Fishing General - Replies (8)

Wiperslayer and I got up to Echo today, we were on the water and fishing by 6:30 am. Wish I had brought a jacket, it was pretty chilly for the first hour or so. Headed for the inlet and we were making a ton of fish there, ended up picking up our first fish there,a chunky bow. We kept moving around trying fligs and bottom bouncing for a few hours, picking up a nice smallie that was over 15" and a few dink perch. Also saw a ton of carp slurping right on the surface, if you are a bow hunter this would be a perfect place to target practice on them. Decided to make another move around 10 am and finally found the big perch. We were vertical jigging by this time with some of TD's FT jigs, the big perch and SM bass were loving them, tipped with either a small piece of crawler or perch meat. Finally gave up around noon and headed in, with the jet ski crowd starting to make an appearance. As we were heading in we ran into a BFT member and friend Tin Can, hope you caught a few Forest.
[Image: 100-3401.jpg]

[Image: 100-3400.jpg]

[Image: 100-3397.jpg]

[Image: 100-3402.jpg]

[Image: Echo-SM-bass.jpg]

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  Ramp Etiquette
Posted by: Trident 13 - Today, 12:48 AM - Forum: Idaho Fishing General - Replies (1)

I’m a kayak angler and try to fish mostly quiet areas or early mornings to get away from the crowds. This past Sunday i was Kokanee fishing at Montpelier Reservoir, which is electric only and gets few boaters most weekends. Anyway after getting a limit of kokes and coming back to the ramp there are 3 pickup trucks stacked up at the bottom of the ramp, a canopy, lawn chairs and people using the bottom of the ramp as a private beach.
This is the second time in the last 4 weeks this has happened and both times the vehicles had out of state plates. Different people, same state. Makes a guy wonder sometimes if this an isolated occurrence or is the lack of common sense widespread.
The kind folks at the ramp did help me carry my kayak around their three trucks so i could get my vehicle down to grab it.

[Image: 4208.jpg]

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  Little Late
Posted by: meancuznalfy - Yesterday, 10:50 PM - Forum: Off topic - No Replies

After having a busy summer full of work and funerals and a pandemic,we are finally getting back to a bit of normality here and finally got the hummingbird feeder hung up.
[Image: KIMG0628.jpg]
Got a few around, makes the better half happy to watch them in the eveñings.

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