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small game opener
hey , it's comming soon , what are you going after and what will you use ?
That do sound taisty...

I use all vegitable crisco, (shorthing not oil)

I dip in egg,
roll in corn meal and flower with 11 secreate spices and fry till tender,

I add aditional flower to the greese when done, brown the flower, then add mild and slow cook untill it thickens and pour gravey over home grown mashed taters and home made biscuts...

I add the bacon to my pot of home grown pole beans, and boil for an hour, add quartered taters or whole small taters and boil fer another hour.

and aw shucks, it aint complete unless you due up at least a couple dozen ears of sweet corn, either boiled or broiled so long as it is fresh out of the garden ya cant go wrong...[Tongue][Tongue][Tongue]

Did I forget to mention the home made all american apple pie ? [shocked]

Ya I weigh 235 Lbs...[angelic]
I'll be out the 15-18th chasing birds somewhere in the state.

Good luck and be safe!

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