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2 trolling secrets that you will want to try
It's almost time for rainbows and kokes and I thought I would share some things that have worked great for me. The first one is something I have talked about before but I made a photo so you guys can see what I'm talking about. I tie on a size 11 taildancer deep (dives to 30 feet), the I clip a 36" to 48" leader to the split ring on the back hook. Then I tie a serpent or needlefish or whatever you like. I sometimes run a 1 or 2 oz. snap weight 40' in front of the lure. This rig set back 120' will reach 35 to 40 feet at 1.8 mph. That means you are in the "Koke Zone" with your mai-tai serpent without leadcore or downriggers. The Taildancer acts as an atractor and fish will nail the spoon behind it.Plus it is way behind your downrigger lines so you seldom get tangled. This rig really works !!
The second thing is what we called on Lake Ontario a cheater or stinger. You clip a 6 to 8 foot leader ( snaps on both ends) with usulay a small spoon 6 to 10 feet above your downrigger ball. Then you tie a small rubber band around the snap so it wont move. I know some guys just run a line down thier setup and the swivel will stop when it hits a belly in the line, but that might be 20 higher than the fish. If you tie it 6 feet up you have 2 lures on one downrigger line in the fish zone...once again, deadly for Kokes !! It does sometimes become a mess when you put a fish in the net with an extra leader and lure but with practice you can avoid this. The pics should show what the 2 methods look like.

Good Luck and if anybody has anything else, please share..JL

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2 trolling secrets that you will want to try - by jacksonlaker - 04-10-2008, 03:08 AM

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