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Decent Fall Day On The Berry
Kent, Elayo and I caught 194 fish today from 7:30am to 2:30 pm, all rainbow’s except for 192 of them. Fishing started off steady and improved as the day went on I caught all of my fish on a white tube jig under a slip bobber between 2’ to 10’ down. With the majority at 8’ down. We tipped our jigs with Shiner, chub and night crawler chub worked best. The fish were very aggressive many times attacking my bobber and with several fish following their hooked friends up to the boat. We fished in 32’ of water at Renigade all day in a fairly stiff breeze under overcast sky’s swinging back and forth on spot lock. I forgot to look at the water temperature, maybe one of the other guys noticed what it was. Thanks Kent for supplying the bait and sharing your spot with us, it was great fishing with you guys.
Great report , I'm glad they are still biting. Thanks for sharing.
It was a great day with fun guys. Water temperature was between 45 and 46 degrees. I have never caught so many fish, under a bobber, at Strawberry. The conditions were ideal, all day long, for bobber fishing.

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