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Report - Green between fonty and the gorge
The river is very high, dark, and very cold.

I caught three fish in an hour swinging an olive wooly bugger in areas where fast water tapers off into slow water that doesn't circulate back upstream.

It is a great time of year to have the river to yourself and catch fish. Lots of areas like I mentioned above close to the shore and hold fish.

Bobber fishing will probably be more productive than the swing, which is normally the case in high water.

Note - Dirt roads in certain stretches may have washed out. Take it slow and let someone who where you are going. Cell service along the river can be spotty.
Thanks. Browns, 'bows or both?
Just rainbows.

90% of the fish I catch are rainbows in this stretch.

The Browns I do catch hammer the streamers normally stripping in the dangle to recast

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