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2017 Catfish Contest BiggWimm
March 19, 2017
Utah Lake
24.5" (bugger wouldn't hold still even with the wife holding it, looks like it is short of 25)
I am playing for the north, so I only put up my biggest of the day.

Also, for a clarification of rules, I had my wife finish reeling this in so I could net it, is that a DQ? Thanks for your time.

[#000000][#00bf00]Okay[/#00bf00] [#00bf00]first off I need to figure out how to show you have your one fish from the other side, but I see 25" on this since the tail is at the line but on a slant so if straight it would cross the line, I know we say what the picture shows but it's easy to see in this case that the fish is 25, so that's what I'll give you... Next if you let someone hold the rod while you net the fish is not a DQ, we rely on you to not report a fish if it is someone else's, and trust you will only report your fish, so I'm counting it. [/#00bf00] [/#000000]
Thanks SkunkedAgain

[#008000]You're most welcome..... J[/#008000]

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