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New to the forum!

I live in Laramie and love to fly fish. Love fishing the snowys and area lakes, streams and rivers as well as various other parts of the Cowboy state.

I was hoping to take my wife and two kids fishing this weekend in the Wheatland area. Surprisingly I've never tried to fish Rock Lake or Wheatland #1. How is fishing there? Would I be able to catch something there fairly easily? Not looking for anything amazing, I just want to catch something for my 3 and 2 year old to look at.
I guess some guys have been catching some small mouth out of rock lake, a few walleye, and a drum or too. Heard that the Wheatland reservoirs are hit and miss but some guys catch some huge trout and a few walleye out of them, not sure what everyone is using to catch anything though.
Cool. Thanks! Sounds like Rock lake is the type of place I'm looking for.

I've never been a warm water type of fisherman. I've always been a trout, trout, trout, trout and more trout type of guy, but lately I've been wanting to catch some warm water fish like bass, perch, etc... excited to give it a whirl.

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