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Looking for fishing help near Tetons/Yellowstone!

I am hoping someone has some ideas/help to provide on my post. My father is coming to Wyoming and for his birthday, I would like to surprise him by taking him fly fishing. Although he is very experienced in East coast fresh water and salt water fishing, he has never been fly fishing before. The touristy places around the national parks are outrageously expensive and unreasonable for just a few hours. I am looking for a private party willing to take us out with a crash course and show us some good spots for fly fishing. I am more than happy to pay for someone's time, but am hoping this can be less touristy and more "backwoods/relaxed" fishing. Outside of the national parks may even be better, which I am open to. Any thoughts or suggestions of small companies or private parties that can help, please let me know! Thanks for reading.

It was a really wet winter. I imagine the Hoback, Snake, Gros Ventre, and Buffalo Fork are all running really high.

Some of the creeks may not be too bad. I would look at fishing still water (lakes) rather than rivers.

I fly fish weird (Skagit or Scandi Style) and it is more frustrating for beginners than regular style.

If you have the gear, then I would give the beaver ponds in granite creek a go or venture into the park to Taggart or Bradley lake in the morning.
When will you be here ? The rivers here are dropping but will be unfishable for weeks. There are lake options. A friend of mine is a guide and he fishes in Yellowstone lake this time of year. Big trout, easy to catch. You can PM me and I can give you more info. I live in Jackson.

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