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2018 Catfish Contest STANDINGS
[#0000ff]Time for an update of scores... This was a tough score for me to make, Ahi got a fish that looks like a 30"er, but our scoring method that we use when the measuring device is to the side, we have to draw a straight line from those on the scale and in this case it shows the fish about 29.75" so I was only able to give him 29.5 points... So a pointer for everyone here, is to have your camera angle over the scoring end of the fish so the camera angle doesn't mess you up. (Take photo over length number if on bump board) .... It will give you a more accurate score. [/#0000ff]
[#0000ff]Anyway now for the important stuff.... Ahi's fish puts him with three 29.5" fish and at a score that few exceed in any of our contests past... it also staves off Sticklebacks move on first place for team south... The north is clinging to a 1/2" lead in the team contest... Lot of nice cats on the board so far this year... With the warmer weather I'll expect next week to be a wild busy one on the contest board... Good luck to all... Later J[/#0000ff]
[#0000ff][inline catcon42318.PNG]

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