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2018 Catfish Contest STANDINGS
Glad you're having fun, that was our goal. Speaking of goals, I hit mine yesterday for 87 points. Now I think I want to try and exceed my goal. I thought I had done that yesterday. I had a fish on that pulled like a barn door halibut. Never had a catfish pull this hard. Took me over ten minutes no kidding to land it, I couldn't get it off the bottom. Had to pump it up and reel down the slack cranking the drag down quite tight. Ended up I had foul hooked it in the bottom fin just in front of the tail. It ended up only 25.5" but felt like 40". It was really a fun fish. Should have went out last night and this morning but that rain made my field just right for digging it up for fall planting so I'm farming again today. But should save me time and money down the road. Got to run. Later J

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