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2018 Catfish Contest STANDINGS
[#0000bf]What a year!!!! We now have a record number of contestants above 90 points, in fact this year is double our previous high number.... We have a new third place holder, that bumped off sharksugar, who just added another 30"er to his tally.... But bottomwatcher has been lurking there in the shadows waiting to make his move to the top and now we'll see if the iceman and ahi can hold him off... What a year, this is incredible what you guys are accomplishing this year... this is fun to watch... Enough BS... here's the charts... J[/#0000bf]
[#0000bf][inline catcon82118.PNG][/#0000bf]

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2018 Catfish Contest STANDINGS - by SkunkedAgain - 03-08-2018, 06:18 PM
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