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Brinager ranch flaming gorge
I finally got up to the gorge this weekend,and as we were buzzing around looking for some koke's I noticed all the tree's at the ranch have died! I've been going up their for 38 years and it's always been well maintained( from what I can see from the lake anyways) does anyone know what has happend? Pm me if needed.
I don't know what's going on there but i noticed that too. I heard a rumor that the owners wanted out, but no idea if there is any truth to that. If that's the case, that might explain why the place might not be takin care of
Yeah that could the case. I didn't look to see if they still had the old water line hooked to a pump that runs down to the lake either. That I believe feed all the the water to their place in the desert. I guess the worse thought may have happend,and heck maybe the rest of the siblings don't want to mess with it.

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