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Viva Naughton Help
Hi there!

I'm looking to do some fishing at Viva Naughton in mid September. I've never been to the lake so I was hoping to get some info on fishing that reservoir.

I'll be fly fishing from a Pontoon boat so any input on locations to start and patterns would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance Smile

I would not drive past the city reservoir to fish Viva in a pontoon. The city reservoir is motorless and you may have the lake to yourself.

If the water temps are high, then a sinking line with a wooly bugger or a leach - micro stripped can be the ticket. 4-5 mini strips and a pause seem to work well.

If the water temps are cool, then you may just be in for some pop corn popping action on the surface. Just match the hatch and you'll be into bows.

If the temps are cold, then I would go with a wooly bugger with a scud trailer slowly stripped in.

The opposite side from the road in the city reservoir can be good, because it takes a lot of kicking or paddling to get there.

The reason I would recommend the city reservoir over Viva is the lack of boats. Both can fish very well using standard techniques, but being on a wakeless lake in a pontoon would be my choice.

They are only 2 miles from each other, so you can hit both.
Thanks for the info!

I figured the fish size would be larger in Viva Naughton which is why I was choosing to go there. I'll give Kemmerer Res a look though.
There are football sized rainbows in both.

Plenty of fish to go round in both.

Good luck

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