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2018/2019 Ice Fishing Challenge TopH2O
Hi Ron,

Here's my first entry:

Rainbow trout, 20", 12-13-2019. Starvation Reservoir

It weighed 3.68 pounds on my digital scale. Female full of eggs.

[#0000bf]Hey, that's great, Mike! I'm glad to see ice is forming on Starvation. Nice Bow![/#0000bf]
[#ff0000]Rainbow trout - 20[/#ff0000]
Wow we just flew over there and didn’t see hardly any ice, you must be fishing thin stuff or in those back bays. Nice job finding safe ice and great fish too, good job Mike.

I wouldn’t have been brave enough to try those ice shelf’s yet, but I guess home area knowledge has let you know where you can do it this early. I need to get braver and try those kinds of areas before the whole lake freezes. Or was the whole lake capped and just clear ice so it looks like open water from above.

In case others see this and want to fish there they probably need to know that the whole lake isn’t capped yet so don’t plan on going anywhere they want to yet. Be careful and check thickness as you go out. Later J
Hi Jeff,
The whole lake is far from capped. My friend who lives over there said the only fishable ice is in Knight Hollow and only at the east end of the bay. We fished off the long rocky point that heads west/northwest from the shore. The ice was about 5 inches of clear, solid ice. There was much thinner ice in the same area so anyone would have to be very careful like we were. We had my throw rope handy!

We fished in 14 to 22 feet of water and did pretty good. We caught only rainbows. I tried a Lindy Darter 1 3/8" perch lure that I use at Cascade for the jumbo perch. I caught about 10 rainbows on the lure but no walleye I was trying to target.

Most of the rainbows were the 10 to 13 inch size but we did get a handful of the bigger, heavier fish.

Let me know if you want to go with me to Cascade this winter. I'm trying to find a partner for a mid January trip and I'm going back in mid February for the Tackle Tom's tourney around the 17th and 18th of Feb..

Hey Mike that’s great info, thanks so much, that clear ice is hard to tell 5” verses 1” so it’s spooky. Thanks for helping keep folks safe.

I know I can’t make the January trip, but I may be able to do the February. I’ll check into it and let ya know before the first of the year. Thanks for the invite. Jeff

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