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2019 catfish contest paddlingkittys
Utah lake 4-27-19 28” cot with white bass

Not bad for first fish of the season

[#00bf00]Hey that's a pretty cat, good for 28 points... J[/#00bf00]
Nice fish. Would have been 29” if you could have gotten her straightened out.
Maybe but I was trying not to fall out of my kayak haha
Been there, done that and it is not easy to get a decent photo while sitting in a kayak. Good fish and good photo. Looks like you had a third hand to help.
Good start, keep them coming.
Utah lake 5-1-19 / 27”/ white bass for bait

[#00bf00]Sweet job, good for 27 points, they're looking good this year, keep it up... J[/#00bf00]

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