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Viva Naughton
Stopped by Viva the other day to cast a line out in the lake.

Fishing seemed to be slow for everyone on the lake.

Water was a little bit warm. Not quite bath water, but it is getting there.

Didn't see any popcorning of fish taking the bugs off of the surface.

Bugs were thick. Mosquitoes are in droves. It was insanely difficult to tie on a new fly.

Bug spray is a must.
Thanks for the report, sounds like some tough conditions. What time of day were you fishing?
Evening. Last little bit of light. I was hoping to see a little surface action due to the bugs.
Yea, late evening should have been prime time for catch trout near the surface feeding on bugs, maybe it was just too hot[:/]. Hopefully your next time out will be more productive.

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