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Bear River / Uintas
The Bear River coming out of the uintas is fishing well.

Lots of 8-10" rainbows want to play.

I did the best with a pink/black wooly bugger swung in fast to slow water about mid water column.

The Uintas were kind of a joke this past weekend. Almost no where to park up top on the mirror lake highway and almost all the campgrounds were full.

The lakes up there are fishing well for most people who want to get their fingers dirty with powerbait or worms.

There was not a lot of dry action on Saturday due to the on and off again monsoon. A side not. Water resistant clothing is not waterproof in a monsoon.

People in kayaks were doing the best in the lakes. Despite the amount of people it seemed like a lot of people were catching fish.

The purple microleach was working well until, I caught one of those abundant underwater tree graboids and lost the last one.

Lots of tigers and an occasional rainbow.
Great detailed report, thanks for sharing it with us. I hear there are stocking more grayling in the rivers up there on the North Slope, especially along the Mirror lake highway, have you been catching any?
I tried to convince my cousins to go up to lake Majorie for some grayling, but due to the rain they didn't want too.

None of the fish caught were of the big fin variety on this trip.
I know at least on member that has caught grayling by the bridge that goes under the main road, just up from Bear river service or whatever it's called now. He said he thought they came from the lake up river from there but said they might have been planted in the river.

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