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Viva Naughton Help
Hey guys!

Me and a buddy are planning a trip to Viva in a few weeks. Are there any recent fishing reports?

We will be fly fishing and neither of have been to the lake but we've heard good things. Any information on areas of the lake and patterns would be greatly appreciated. Hopefully the weather isn't brutal.

Thanks in advance!

The Hams is fishing as well.

The City reservoir before Viva is an option if you are going motorless.

I think you can do pretty well as the weather starts to cool down.

I haven't been up that way in a while due to hunting, but the fall is a great time to get out and try the two lakes and upper, mid, and lower river.
Thanks for the info!

Is there a end of each lake you'd recommend? We've never been there.
The far side of City Reservoir if you have a motor-less boat.

Troll Scuds on your way over there and you can catch some football rainbows on your way to the opposite shore. Once you get to the other side due to the access, pretty much any fly you use should work; because those fish see very little pressure until there is ice.

As far as Viva, right now I imagine any place that you can get into 10-15 feet of water. Stripping a leach or a wolly may be the ticket now.

We did have an awfully cold night and there may be a few midges that are starting to hatch.

In the river the browns are probably running. Egg patterns and streamers will work well.

Sorry I can not be any more of help, because it is hunting season.
No way that was super helpful!

Good to know that scuds are effective. We'll try to get some of those tied up. Is there a particular size and color that you'd recommend? Maybe a pattern online that we could look up?

We'll keep an eye on weather to see if we end up going to Viva and the lower reservoir.

I'll report back with our success. Thanks again for your input, local knowledge is always great to have.

Hopefully you get something hunting Smile

I have a philosophy.

Bright day bright fly - Start with Black or White and move your way into dull colors.

Dull day Dull fly. Start with Olive or Brown and move your way into black and white.

Can't decide on a color, then try orange or pink.

With Scuds, I like to drop them off a prince, leach, or woolly bugger and I start around 6-8 on the attractor and 12-14 on the skud and go bigger or smaller from there depending on if I see scuds in the water.

I buy a decent amount of flies from here. Decent price especially on streamers.

My favorite still water technique is 4-5 micro strips with a pause, but I would mix it up and find what the fish like.

The only other thing is I believe there was a algae bloom at Viva

So, avoid the slackwater bays and you should not have an issue with the algae.

Any other reports that your aware of at Viva? I think I'm heading there Sunday finally!

I tied quite a few scuds to try out there, I'm pumped to finally get a chance to fish that lake.

Fingers crossed!

I haven't. I imagine it will be quite good though.
Fishing was pretty good. I ended up catching 12, nothing big but some nice fish. All rainbows.

I was dragging buggers on a sinking line that caught 6. I caught the rest on a mix of blood worms and blobs, all fished just off the bottom.

The lake is icing up quickly, i doubt it will be ice free much longer.

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