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SW Idaho Fly fishing report
Here’s my flyfishing report for the local rivers mainly from this fall. I’ve been working on my fly fishing, tying game again after a long break. I found a nymphing system that I really like, fishing 2 flies and a drop shot and dropper loops off the tippet.

Boise River Main
I’ve spent most of my time here, from eagle downstream to Middleton area at various access points hiking from bridges and using the numerous pathways. I mostly managed small rainbows, mainly all wild and picked up 3 small! 9-11” brown trout also a few white fish. Small nymphs seemed most productive. Higas sos produced a big rainbow for me. I love that pattern in an#18.

Owyhee River
Three good trips here including the one in August have been fantastic fun. High water summer flows, hot, sunny out, Every time I hiked the river banks I was covered in red ants! Getting bit on the hands . My hopper ant dropper looked really good to me but no go on that after no go on nymphing, the risers were generally beyond my reach. Finally found a productive run and nymped up four 9-12” browns to save a 13 hour day of fishing.
In our 2 fall trips I’d say dang the water flow is low and the brown spawn is really cool to see and learn about. I did manage 2 big male browns on soft hackles and some smaller browns on a midge hatch and a small bow

South Fork Boise
Hit it this summer when flows were down and picked up 2 of those awesome bows, jumpers! Last week nymped up some big white fish and lost a bow. Perfect wade conditions and these fish are really healthy and dang hard to catch. Wooly worms worked in the summer now I’m thinking small nymphing smaller tippets, sneak game and more than a perfect drift
Overall I think these are pressured rivers so I was happy to get 2-5 per outing and only got skunked out 2 or 3 times but hey fly fishing is tough
Thanks for the posting your reports and video.

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