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Island Park Reservoir
We went out to Island Park Reservoir this past weekend. Ice was 8+ inches and growing fast. No slush, 4 in of fresh powder on top of the ice. Air Temp at 7 am was 4F degrees. Water temp was 39F. Worms worked - medium bite.

Left the Auger on the trailer over night. Bad Idea - Struggled to start it for 10 minutes. Luckily the Man and son who set up next to us - offered his Auger, which helped get the morning fishing started on time.

The bite was great between 8 and 9 am - we caught 7 nice fat rainbows all between 15 and 17 inches - all returned to celebrate the New Year's.

After an hour of no bites we called in quits at 10 am.

Later that late afternoon I took my wife on a drive to enjoy the beautiful scenery that Island Park has to offer this time of year - as we drove around we ended back at the reservoir. Not sure how that happens. [cool] Since we were here we may as well walk down and check out those holes and I happened to have my poles with me. Glad I did. Pulled out a 21 in Meatball! Just a fat fat rainbow.

Here is a picture of that Meatball.

My son made a little video of our excursion.

[fishon] Take your kids fishing on those crystal clear waters so you don't have to fish for them later in murky waters.
Great report. Thank you very much. I have never ice fished it yet.
Awesome report and video!!! Where at on the lake do you guys go??
[fishon] We just went to the dam.
The Island Park Reservoir is a great place to go. Go to Anyplace that has an access point on the Lake and you will do great. Such as Lake Point, The Dam or inlet. Or drive your snow machine across the lake to get away from all the pressure and you will do great. Hope to get up their again real soon. [fishon]


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