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Crappie in Jan.
Wow, nice crappie. Last year was only my second year for catching limits of big crappie like those on cranks, hope I can repeat that success this year. I've never caught them trolling when the water temp was that cold, do you mind sharing what speed you were trolling at?
Just play with your speed you’ll get it figured out, everyday is different!
During the Fall when we were catching crappie up to 14", we were trolling at 1.5 mph but the water temps were in the high 40's. We were using small rapalas too, I just figured if the water temps got down into the 30's they would not chase lures but I guess I was wrong on that.
Curt it seems like crappie stay pretty active in the winter they don’t slow down like cats and bass seem too. Later Jeff

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