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Adding avatar
I just figured out how to add my avatar. I noticed that many of you have added yours already but many have not. It's pretty easy. Click on User CP  (Control Panel) which is found at the upper left. It will take you to your profile. Somewhere on the left you will see Change Avatar. You will then be able to add an image, likely one from your pictures. That's it. PM if you have questions, or reply here.
The older I get the more I would rather be considered a good man than a good fisherman.

Is it possible to rotate it? Or is that part of the re sizing. I have tried multiple times with different photos and it always shows up at a 90 degree rotation. Even tried to edit the photo by rotating it before uploading, same problem. Ideas?
I just clicken on your avatar picture and it took me to your profile information - says you have been on Big Fish Tackle for 14hours - 
My question is?  Is that 14 hours just today?  Or 14 hours trying to figure out how to use your Avatar?   Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

Just giving you a hard time.  

No. But it sure feels like it!

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