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Friday at deer creek video
Fri. was trolling for rainbows at DeerCreek it was cold we only fished 3 and 1/2 hr. never did see the sun.
had 4 poles out one on a downrigger got fish on it at 15 and 20 feet down. two lead lines and one with a rapala, it was probaly diving about 10 feet
all 4 poles caught fish.  we had different stuff on all of them
when we found the fish with the live scope we stayed there till they stoped biting

Last week Garmin came out with this up date which they call Perspective Mode, I think they are trying to take on Humminbirds 360
they say it is for water that is not to deep, but it works good for me in deep water and trolling. so this gives them 3 modes forword, down and perspective.
That is pretty cool.

It looks like when you zoomed the range in you can see you lure behind the downrigger ball too.

It is also good that your boat steers its self. You will be busy trying to keep an eye on all of your electronics.
Live to hunt----- Hunt to live.

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