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CJ Shore Advice?
I'm not looking to steal anyone's secret spot, so please don't take this request that way. But I have an 8 year old and am 11 year old who are dying to get in some spring fishing. We normally hit the alpine lakes later in the summer so I'm a noob when it comes to CJ. 

If anyone would be willing to give me a few suggestions on where exactly to try shore fishing, I (and my young boys) would greatly appreciate it.

BTW, I have a small (12ft) inflatable boat but not likely it would get us 3 on the water and have enough room for fishing. So, shore fishing it is - for now.
Never bank fished at cj strike, but i allways see people bank fishing at cottonwood camp ground when im there in my boat.
Crappie bite is on big time.  You can catch all sizes. [Image: new2020-022.jpg]
Fish as close to the narrows as you can get to by foot. Fish off the cat tails. We we catching within 20 feet from the bank on the boat of course. pink/chartruse.  There's a local racoon on the north side that enjoys crappie.  Good luck.
Lol, I have shared with that raccoon and his partner. He is starting to show his age the last couple years. (but aren't we all?) Blush
I will be looking for him but have not seen him yet so must not be fishing enough.

This is actually an attempt to post anything on the new site -- so here goes nothing -- I am going to hit the Post Reply button.

Hey, before I do, I have little to say about fishing there recently because I have not been there since April and the crappie fishing was hit and miss and I could not locate the perch.

Any update?


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