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Can you fish during the Idaho COVID-19 shelter in place?
I'm trying to figure out if it's okay to go fishing in Idaho with a boat during the next few weeks with the current shelter in place directive from the governor of Idaho. Anyone know for sure?
As long as where you are going is open. Idaho power has essentially closed all boat ramps that they take care of, all state parks with boat ramps are open for day use only. As long as people take care and not overcrowd places then everything that's open should stay open, however if overcrowding is an issue then I'm sure fishing will end up being closed. Only thing I'm not sure of is how far one can travel to participate in outdoor activities.
Fishing is good as long as you keep the 6 ft social distancing factor while in a boat.  That is the tough part if there are 2 or more of you. Otherwise, fishing is mentioned as an essential activity in the order.  There was something about having to be in the same family in there while in the same boat too and keeping # of people under 10 in a group too.  But, your right, as long as people mind their p's and q's it should be good, it's when people become idiots trying to launch etc that will get everything shut down.  The one kicker now is that Bonneville county now has it's first case of COVID-19 so the County could shut down all waterways due to this.

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