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CJ Strike Gets Kokanee Plant!

60K Kokes for a first try. Very exciting!
That's cool. Make a great fishery even better.
That is good to know, makes me wonder where they will hang out, likely around the dam I'm betting.
Very interesting. I know F&G has been hit up to put crappie in Ririe as a great fishery compliment to what they have there and I know they would be very successful. They have always said that they are not compatible with the Kokanee and other fishery in Ririe. If this is the truth, to which I have no reason not to believe, then to me, they just blew their reasoning for not putting another great and exciting fish in Ririe. It would provide some great fishing in East Idaho which is hard to come by with a plant of crappie here. Not sure the difference between CJ and Ririe, but, may have to start pushing F&G again to introduce crappie into Ririe.

Hope your Kokanee take and become successful over there. Our's is dying off for some reason yet to be explained in Ririe.
Crappie will never go into recovery water for the Yellowstone Cutthroat. Crappie would soon be flushed from Ririe and end up in the Snake River. Better to push for Crappie in Mud Lake.

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