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Wyo Conservation Permit
I'm in the process of purchasing my $30 Flaming Gorge reciprocal fishing license for Wyoming, my question is whether I need to purchase the $12.50 Wyoming conservation stamp as well?

I read the Wyoming proclamation, it said special licenses and permits are exempt from the conservation stamp, but it does not list out what "special licenses and permits" entails. I called the Wyo Game and Fish hotline - the rep I spoke to said I do not need the stamp with the reciprocal license, but he certainly didn't seem very confident in his answer. 

Does anyone have experience with this? Trying to avoid spending more than I have to, but also avoid a ticket.
No you do not need to purchase the conservation stamp.
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You don't need a conservation stamp to fish FG on a Reciprocal stamp.

Persons holding Special limited fishing permits are exempt from the requirement to purchase a conservation stamp. (page 2 of WY fishing Proclamation)

If you decide to fish other waters you will need to buy a NR fishing license and will be required to purchase the conservation stamp.

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