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Sand Hollow 6/27
Got out to Sand Hollow this weekend. Was able to get on the lake for about 8 hours total between Friday and Saturday. Mostly targeting Bass near the island. Lots of boat and people traffic made it difficult at times. Bass were only biting on the dropshot about 18 inches from the bottom. Pretty slow, probably 10 bass the whole time. No other presentations seemed to work. Fat Bluegills were easy pickings on a small chunk of worm, they must have been spawning because they were just stacked everywhere. Overall it was a fun trip until the 108F heat and 15mph wind blew our kayaks off the water and sent us home.

[Image: IMG-5963.jpg]
Nice report and picture. 108* sounds a bit brutal though.
Yeah, welcome to what we have to deal with every weekend fishing SH. This time of year you have to get on the lake when it opens at 0600 (after waiting in the line at the gait for 30 min), fish hard for 2-3 hrs and get the hell out of there! Gotta get out on their summer grass beds this time of year, in 20-30' of water.

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