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Frankenstein lures / hybrids
I've used every type of lure you can think of and caught fish on most, but in the last 10 years I been going more finesse with lures as well as with light rods and small diameter braid. Lures have been fun to make for as long as I can remember, catching fish on them the ultimate satisfaction. Now I stick with light jigs and soft plastic lures and catch fish as small a 2 3/4" to 7 lb channel cats. The most important discovery was being able to fuse the parts of soft plastic lures together after heating the ends with a flame. Pretty much all species hit these hybrids or as my fishing buddy calls them - Frankenstein lures

You never know what creations catch fish unless their tried. My partner only wants to use the same lure of the same color no matter. He does fine with them and keeps up to me catching panfish, but that's too boring for me. Variety is the spice of fishing IMO and that includes what I catch, how I catch them and where I fish.

Now do hybrids do better on average than the originals they were produced from. I believe many do and its based on years of catching more fish on them per outing than those right out the package. Take the simple 3" curl tail grub. I've removed the curl tail and united the bodies with heat (candle). It's one of the best producers I've come up with.
[Image: pZKHakr.jpg?1]
It also catches fish wacky rigged using the same 1/24 oz ball head jig:
[Image: sPVWI6v.jpg?1][Image: tBTsn1D.jpg]

The claw from a bass size crawdad lure added to a thicker grub body also proved itself first time fished:
[Image: 8pwyZnH.jpg?1][Image: P3KmWg9.jpg]

Another good design that seems to catch more fish than round bodied grubs, it the flat body of a French Fry grub with a curl tail added:
[Image: Foi5r4x.jpg][Image: 9WSXmAQ.jpg?2]
[Image: g8erebl.jpg]

Works good attached to a Beetle Spin :
[Image: 2f4MYrc.jpg][Image: hH6Sy2A.jpg]

This isn't to say that packaged lures don't produce, but that they don't produce as well IMO over many outings.
The above are just a few of the many that proved themselves and now are in a separate box for future copying.
Try it. You'll like it!

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