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Thursday at Lincolin Beach
Violet and I launched the boat about 0700. Two others before us; BLK was one of them. We only saw him from a distance, once with a fish attached to the end of his line. We started off catching a couple to perk us up a bit. After releasing a half dozen I was fortunate to hook into a contest bumper measuring 29.5". When you hook something that doesn't want to come off the bottom it's usually a good one. After releasing ten the fishing slowed to nothing and it got hot to the point of not being fun so we pulled the plug and headed for home.

Most of the fish came from 7 to 9' . Water clarity wasn't bad for Utah Lake, but there is algae throughout. We were dragging wobble glows and and spin-n-glows with a chunk of white bass.
[Image: July-30-th-2020-Ut-Lake-29-5-inches.jpg]
It's good to see you get out there and get a bumper is awesome. With kids stuff going on I'm only getting out once a week but my wife has been going which is nice but it's only for a couple hours. The algae was the worst I saw today but I talked to one guy that said it was a lot better than it did on Tuesday so I'm not sure if it's improving or getting worse. Wish I could fish more to tell lol. Hope to see you out there one day.
Glad you got out and picked up a bumper. I saw you two come out of the channel but I didn't recognize you until I saw your truck in the parking lot -- antisocial distancing is my excuse. 

I have been picking up a few good cats but only one that was a bumper. I caught a big 31 inch lady cat about 100 yard straight out from the mouth of the launch. I agree, those bigger cats feel like lifting an anchor, no head shakes and no flip-flops on the line. They can sure but the buzz to your drag when they make a run from the boat. Fun.

I fished at the Knolls today in my kayak hoping to avoid the power crowd at Lincoln. Nice day with fair-to-midlin' fishing. Caught a dozen or so but no size. I think the bigger fish will start showing up with the spawn winding down. Cooler weather would sure be nice.

Hope to see you on the water again soon. I'll make it a point to swing by and compare notes.


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