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First Fligs Ready To Fish
[Image: 20200801-163007.jpg]
With the hot weather this weekend I decided to retreat to the cool basement and try my hand at flig making. I couldn't find TubeDude's tutorial so I  had to rely on my questionable memory, which usually isn't a good idea. After several unsuccessful attempts to shape the body with a dremel I settled on a belt sander and drill.
I dont have an airbrush so there isn't any blending or clearcoat but I'm pretty sure they will work since predatory fish eat the mutants and cripples first.
The new lures were so excited to meet a catfish that they tried climbing in the boat, I hope to arrange a meeting next weekend.
I'd say they look pretty darn good. They'll work.
I'm betting the fishies will vote for them.  I have tried a grundle of different colors and so far have not tried any that did not catch fish.  Most important to first FIND fish...and then to bait your fligs with something that will appeal to them.  After that, the basic principal of suspending your bait above the bottom...with something colorful and appealing...should get the job done.

As my own creations evolve, I keep revising my writeups...including new designs and colors.  Here are the two parts of my revised writeup on Making Fligs.  Had to break it up to be able to post it.  Hope this helps in your future efforts.  And you are always free to PM me with specific questions.

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