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GPS-in' --- Rockport, Echo & Jordy
Used Friday's gorgeous weather to do some dry-land GPS-in'.  Both Rockport & Echo drawn way down made for some nice finds.
Able to drive off the ramp at Echo to some isolated brush islands & rocky humps I fished above months ago.  Now I know why I 
yanked some good smallies & perch.  Trucks were out in the middle, probably trouters fishing the river as it coursed thru the lake bed.
At Rockport, had to walk to several isolated cement chunks taking up the footprints of garage floors.  Both lakes way down, which will 
make it crowded for both fish & fishermen this winter.  Got some rocky coordinates for next season at Jordy, too.
Good idea that will come in handy in high and low water years.
Glad I'm not the only one. I cant afford side imaging so have been marking all over deer creek ???
Been up to a bit of the same. Also taking photos of differnt exposed structures. Good info for the future if we can get em full again
Remember: keep the lid on the worms, share your jerky, and stop by to say hi to Cookie and the Cowboy-Pirate crew

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