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Pineview/Causey upgrades a comin'
(07-19-2021, 01:45 PM)dubob Wrote:
(07-19-2021, 11:49 AM)Gone Forever Wrote: Definition of Private/Public is that public property will be managed by private partners in it for profit. Be ready for price increases even though sportsman pay specific taxes on our equipment that is supposed to pay for these kinds of projects.
I'm not sure that applies to a Utah State Park like it does to Federal properties.  Strawberry & Pineview (both Federal) are managed by a concessionaire and their use fees are obscene in my opinion.  I don't know of any Utah State Parks that are managed by a concessionaire.  State Parks do have hosts that work the gates and provide park maintenance dutys, but they are volunteers that only get free RV space for their service.  They don't work for a concessionaire and have no impact on park user fees - as far as I know.  If you are aware of something different, please share that with us.  I'm always willing to learn that which I do not know.
Yes, I was referring to federal properties.  I never mentioned state parks at all.  Neither of these projects are state, hence they should be fully funded through Dingell/Johnson and Wallop/Breaux but I speculate (and take that for what it is worth) that we will see fee increases at PV and a user fee implemented at Causey.  Maybe not, but if the past is an indicator there will be charges in order to pay for the services provided by any "private" partner.
I do note that there is no private entity mentioned in the Causey description so maybe not. I also noted that the partner, Utah recreation Company is also the "working group member" that runs all of the Strawberry and Pineview operations.

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