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Boat Inspections - Request
Hey good morning folks.  Now I dont know about you, but, I know sometimes its a pain to get a boat inspection done so you can fish a body of water, particularly those in Franklin County. But, one thing that I was not aware of, because I have called a couple of field inspectors in East Idaho before and I was always told that they do not do inspections except at the set up inspection stations.  Well, this morning I was reading an article in the Post Register on the Quagga Muscle - and low and behold, the paper and State actually gave out a link to have your boat inspected. I about fell out of my chair because I have never heard of this before.  Has anyone else?

So, here is the link from the paper article -

As I read it, it is free of charge just like the other inspections you get at the inspection stations. I know for one, I am going to request one next spring when I get back on the water just to see how long it takes to get one done so I can plan for my trips to the Preston area. 

I am still pretty suspicious if this will actually work and if I get turned down, I sure will follow-up with the paper on another article on not being able to get an inspection and also with the State. Here's a great opportunity for us all to get our monies worth out of our stickers.

The other interesting thing is that with all of the shouting and screaming to keep the inspection stations going at Franklin and the need to protect the waters owned and operated by the canal companies in the Preston area, if you read down in the above article and look where all of the boats were found to be infected, not a one, I repeat, not a one was found to have come through the Franklin inspection station. Now there could be many reasons for that, afraid to use that station do to reputation of being hard nosed on boats coming into the state for one Smile, but, for one reason or another they did not find one boat and that area is not a whole lot different than the Malad station except it does sit on the Interstate and does allow a wider distribution of boats there.

And the other interesting fact in the State's own website, is that there was only one watercraft inspected coming into the State that was found to be viable. That means that the muscles and other species the State found could not reproduce because they all were dead. So, boaters are/were doing what they were supposed to be doing prior to heading into Idaho -

Don't get me wrong, I do support the boat inspection program, but, it sure would be nice if the State made it a little easier for boaters within the State didn't have to get inspected anyplace within Idaho as long as the boat didnt leave the State.  In other words, force the Canal Companies to comply with State law and not their own law as long as we are in compliance with State Law. Sorry, I'm heading down the wrong path so Ill stop my soap box.  I'm just glad its working and also that there is a way to request an inspection to be done without going to an inspection station.

Good luck and let's make use of it Smile
Nice, I haven't heard that you could request one before, nice tool if they can come do one upon request.
Occasionally, I have found the inspection station closed, on I-84, when I have traveled from Utah to go sturgeon fishing. Once, I asked one of the attendants, at that station, what I was supposed to do when I found it closed. I was told that I was OK to just drive on and go ahead and go fishing.

On the opposite side of the coin, on one trip I was checked, on I-84, and we decided to alter our normal routine and drive down below CJ Strike dam to see if we could catch some crappie for bait. The man at the checking station, by CJ Strike dam, didn't care that we had already been checked a couple hours earlier. He did a thorough review of my boat and took forever keying information into a laptop. He couldn't type and talk, at the same time, and he loved to talk.
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Yep, I agree, its all over the place, but, I for sure am going to test the self request for a boat inspection next spring and see what is said. I will hold my gun power on what Ill do for now and see then what happens and just hope that they hold up their end of the bargin. One of the best things for waters around Preston, although it still costs to launch your boat and they have hours on Twin Lakes is the fact that they do their own inspection on site as your launching and when done, wham off you go. I just wish others would do that since they have ppl there to collect your money and take down all your information anyhow, a quick inspection wouldnt cost them any more as they are already being paid. Go figure
Here is what I think is funny.
In Franklin they close the inspection station on Oct 1.
In Malad they close it on Oct 31.
Like the Quagga Muscle hibernate at different times?
Like Kentofnsl I just drive on by and go fishing

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