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Bonneville whitefish and other Bear Lake fishing is hot!
So yesterday I fished for a total of 2.5 hrs off the Utah State Park marina.  I anchored in 12' and casted towards the marina.  I ended the short day with 10 whitefish kept, 3 whitefish released, two cutthroat released and one 27" laker that I kept.  Fishing was good but you needed to pay attention since the 2' waves made it challenging to feel bites.  Even so, it was still good action.  Oh, I started at 11:00 am and fished until 1:30 and the bite was still hot when I quit.  I tried every color under the rainbow and caught fish on everything.  I mainly used 1/8 oz roadrunner jigs, 2" tube jigs on 1/8 oz heads and even a couple of 1/8 oz. maribou jigs.  Tipped the jigs with Gulp Earthworms.  The cutthroat and lake trout were fun on 4lb test leader material.  Like everything else this year the run is a bit later than usual but the fishing is really hot.  The guys jigging for trout in deeper water have been having 20 fish days!  This is the time to fish Bear Lake.  Nary one other boat or shore angler around yesterday.   Come and get 'em!  I spoke with some guys who fished today and they did really well too.  
[Image: laker-and-wf.jpg]

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Bonneville whitefish and other Bear Lake fishing is hot! - by BearLakeFishGuy - 12-09-2021, 02:24 AM

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