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Mantua Ice Report?
If newtons froze maybe I can run up Saturday, i was hoping Friday but my brother is coming to town Friday and I haven't seen him in almost 6 years so I better be home when he shows up.... here's some yuba ice eyes from a couple years ago tho help get us through the day.
[Image: IMG-20170127-161101.jpg]
Hey Alan, I'm working today, but tomorrow is my day off, trying to get things ready for Christmas, so I may not have much time to fish this weekend, but still want to try and check things out, so if i head for Newton I'll let ya know.... Might need that rope tender just in case I try to get on it... I think all of the ice will be like you said 24 hours plus a few, so it will take a couple days to get to 3-4".... I've done that 2" stuff before, but I think I'm okay to wait one more day so the ice isn't sagging and making me feel like I'll go through any second... I'm going to be off the week between Christmas and New Years so it's very likely that will be my first more serious attempts at ice fishing... I expect lots of places to start ice fishing all about the same time this year, so hopefully that will spread the crowd... Talk to ya soon.. got a meeting to tune into... Later J
When things get stressful think I'll go fish'en and worry about it tomorrow!
(12-16-2021, 04:33 AM)MrShane Wrote: I hope I am wrong, but the UL marinas might not be very fun this year.
At least for me.
The Saratoga Springs Marina Park harbor only has 2’ of water in it.
When it freezes to 6” now you have 18” of water.
Even if fish are there, it will be lame that when you set the hook a flying fish comes sailing out of the hole.
No reeling, no fun.
Like I said, I hope I am wrong.

I found the same thing.  A couple weeks ago, I caught a bunch of TINY perch in AF harbor, but the whole thing is half the usual depth, maybe three feet max.
Hey Fritz, I'll try to get you an idea today or tomorrow on Newton, if it will be a go yet or not... Figure today is 2" at best... so maybe tomorrow or Saturday will be safe... maybe... We got 2" of snow last night that will be insulating the ice freeze now... Not sure how much that will slow things up... I'll check and see if I can get over there... Jeff
When things get stressful think I'll go fish'en and worry about it tomorrow!

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