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It May Take Longer to Launch This Summner -KSL
Can't get workers...because they don't pay enough.
They want employees to provide their own housing to live in for 4 months in the middle of nowhere with no services for $12 to $14 per hour, no benefits, no insurance, no pension... Not going to happen, why should anyone? Not when they can make more while spending less and still be by their friends and family.
Utah really needs to revamp it's whole fee system at all of our parks.
A mini van with a family having a picnic and only using the picnic area and beach should not pay the same as a truck hauling a boat that will need inspections, possible decontamination and to launch on a concrete ramp and take up multiple parking spaces. The truck and boat should pay 3 times as much because they are getting 3 times as much.

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